Choose your Challenge!

Challenge one: the home grown meal.

If you are new to gardening, this challenge may be for you. Buy some seeds, make a garden bed and get planting. Your challenge is to make a meal from your very own garden produce. Eat it, blog about it and be very very proud of yourself.

It may be a meal for one, or a dinner party for 20 that will go down in history as the best dinner party ever hosted this side of your garden. You are allowed 1 bought ingredient to add to your meal.
Challenge 2: One Day

For the slightly more ambitious, try a whole day of making meals from your garden. What will be on the menu for breakfast, luch and tea? Not to mention some in between snacks. Tell us what you are growing, planning on cooking and send in some photos. You are allowed up to 3 bought ingredients to help you along the way.

Challenge 3: Three days or more

Up for a challenge. Try 3 days or more, living off the produce grown from our own home. You are allowed up to 5 bought ingredients to help you along the way.